WordPress Plugin Creation with easy steps

In this tutorial we will learn how can we develop our own wordpress plugin. some times we need to develop CRUD operation in wordpress, so we can create our own custom plugin and make crud operation with database tables because wordpress provides only post or article and pages creation if we need any other database or tables to create with wordpress website then we can use plugins for that kind of functionality which will be use in our wordpress website. These kind of plugin called as cms in wordpress.

Guys I am going to explain wordpress plugin creation with easy steps .

Create directory inside wp-content/plugin/[Name of your plugin] then Inside your plugin directory or folder you have to create “init.php” and put code which I mentioned below as per your requirement. For example i am creating plugin for author with add update delete functionality.
When you will be create this plugin and inside that init file with below code you can see inside your wordpress administration one icon on left side navigation menu with setting kind of image.

Plugin Name: author
Version: 1
Author: Admin 
//menu items which will be display on left navigation at the bottom side.
function author_modifymenu() {
//this is the main item for the menu 
add_menu_page('author', //page title
'author', //menu title
'manage_options', //capabilities
'author_list', //menu slug
author_list //function
//this is a submenu which will be display left navigation after click on main menu.
add_submenu_page('author_list', //parent slug
'Add New author', //page title
'Add New', //menu title
'manage_options', //capability
'author_create', //menu slug
'author_create'); //function
//this submenu is HIDDEN, however, we need to add it anyways
add_submenu_page(null, //parent slug
'Update author', //page title
'Update', //menu title
'manage_options', //capability
'author_update', //menu slug
'author_update'); //function
$plugin_dir = ABSPATH . 'wp-content/plugins/author/';
require_once($plugin_dir . 'author-list.php');
require_once($plugin_dir . 'author-create.php');
require_once($plugin_dir . 'author-update.php');

After wrote above code you can able to develop listing and functional operation with any table.

function author_list () {
//Do Your code for show all authors
function author_create() {
//Do your code for add new author
function author_update() {
//Do your code to update author